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Platform: Android

Genre: Arcade, Horror-Runner

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You woke up in a cold, black forest. Your brain telling you that no one is happy to see you here. You decision is obvious — run. On the way to your rescue you meet terrific amount of body parts of fellows, which has less luck than you do. Collect these body parts! While you running you can see horrible ghosts — be careful with them! Good luck!

Creepy Story this game based on:

Here is a scrap in the beginning of the diary:

"Another Victim of the Dark Forest"

Four teenagers got lost in the Dark Forest on last weekend! Ignoring the government's warning they went to the forest for a walk and didn't come back. Parents of the teens announced about their disappearance.

Record #1

My name is Hard.

Articles of such kind are frequently published in a local rag. The Dark Forest is a damnation of our town. Nobody came back from this forest and nobody knows what happens with those who go there.

I'm going to find it out! And you'll know the truth very soon, because I decided to write everything down to this diary. I'm going there at sunset!

Record #2

The rucksack is on shoulders… the threshold of the Dark Forest, its first trees are several meters far from me… I feel positive, anticipating an exciting adventure!

I'm bravely entering the forest, the trees are like a gloomy dome right over my head. It is rightly called the Dark Forest, as I can still see the sun light behind, but in front of me there is only darkness. But still it doesn't weaken my curiosity, I continue my trip to bosom of the Dark Forest!

Record #3

I have something to write down! Something extraordinary happened to me!

First of all, as soon as the exit from the forest disappeared behind my back, I began to feel some ominous presence around. Sometimes I could feel tender touches on my back and shoulders. Even once somebody tried to pull my rucksack off, but when I turned back harshly all I saw was only an old withered tree. And I know that I'm not alone between these crooked fearful snags! Also I do scratches on trees to find my way back for sure!

Record #4

It's something unreal!

Ok, maybe I have expected to find something unusual in this forest, but now everything around me seems to be alive!

Several hours passed after I entered the thicket. And I can't say the forest doesn't scare me!

I tried my best to find the way out via the scratches that I had left on trees, but I failed! The trees get closer and closer! I can feel how they look at me! Their cold evil eye is following me!

I made a fire and it calm down my tense nerves a little. But still this feeling of evil presence around doesn't leave me. I will soon run out of wood, but I don't dare to go for it into this darkness. Something tells me that if I went there I would never come back!

Obediently waiting for all coals to burn down! Fear consumes me bit by bit!

Record #5

I can't keep my diary anymore! I'm blindly using my pencil. I'm sure my writing is more than illegible but the fire is barely smoldering. And in the darkness I can see huge prickly branches reaching for me! This is not a forest! This is an abode for evil spirits locked up in the trees! All I can do is to flee! Running – is the only option!

Install instructions

Just download and play:3


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